Acrylic Cosmetic Display Cases increase the appeal of products and brand value.

Cosmetic items come in a number of shapes and sizes that may pose a challenge when organizing your store. They can easily roll of the counter and get damaged or get stolen if they are not properly monitored. An acrylic cosmetics display stands is an efficient way of arranging and showcasing products. We items even closer to the customer in a more organized manner. At Parkway Display, there are a number of different designs available to suit every store owner’s needs. You can also use the display stands to organize your dressing table at home. They are an easy way of improving the way your store or home looks.

Acrylic Display Boxes

Acrylic cosmetics display cases are made from a light a durable material known as Perspex acrylic. we have stands designed to hold all sorts of cosmetic products ranging from perfumes to lipsticks and make up pallets. Each stand has a beautiful and artistic design that will draw attention to your products. The stands vary in colour and size and can be placed on top of a counter or on the ground. You can get a stand with multiple layers and slots to hold as many items as you wish. We also have revolving stands that can be rotated around the base. This stand allows customers to view multiple products without physically moving around. If the display stand has a lockable case, the customer can also assess the product without touching it. When the display stand is put within the customers view, they are likely to buy. Even if the purchase is not done at that time, the customer is likely to remember to buy later on. Display stands can be placed near the cash register where the customer sees it as they pay for items. You can also place the stand near the entrance so that it is within view as the customer enters or leaves the store.

plastic Display stands

Design and production

At parkway Display, we strive to satisfy customer demands by coming up with high quality products. We have a highly specialized technique for producing the acrylic cosmetic display stands. We use high quality Perspex acrylic and pass it through a number of processes to give you a durable and stylish design. Each stage in our highly specialized production process is carried out by a different team. The material is cut according to specification and joined together before being polished to give the stand a perfect finish. Our state of the art production process is efficient in utilizing all the raw material. We strive to extend the resulting low prices to customers by fabricating affordable stands for every customer. We also handles individual projects for customers that may want specially made items. We will have your products ready and shipped to you without any delays.

plastic Display stands

Generally, display stands are used to neatly arrange and organize items both at home and in stores. The stands can also be labelled and used for advertising and promoting new products at no extra added cost. You can also use a number of display stands to create the layout of your store by forming aisles.
Reasons for getting an acrylic cosmetics display stand
· The stand is easy to transport because of the light nature of the material
· Acrylic display stands with cases can have lights put inside to highlight the item on display. This increases the attention of customers to the item being showcased and is likely to result in a purchase.
· The display is made from weather and chemical resistant material that makes it more durable than other materials such as glass.
· Our acrylic stands are made from recyclable material that reduce environmental degradation
· The stand gives space for tester products that customers can try out before buying products.
· Free standing models often have wheels that ease movement. You can move the stand easily around your store without having to remove items.
· Having a display case that can be locked provides an easy way of protecting fragile and expensive items. They also keep products safe from thieves.
·.You can use display stands to increase the aesthetic of your store or home by using fancy colour arrangements.
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Custom Acrylic Display

Product name:Hot selling lipstick display holders
Material:3MM acrylic sheet


Product name:acrylic cosmetics display
Material:3MM+5MM acrylic sheet


Product name:acrylic e-cigarette display
Material:5MM acrylic sheet


Product name:acrylic brochures display
Material:5MM acrylic sheet


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