Custom Acrylic Display Cases|Taxidermy Display Case

Taxidermy specimens are supplied either cased, or uncased.

Cased Taxidermy generally means they are supplied sealed inside a display case, or picture frame, and usually have other items inside, like grass or rocks, to set the piece in its natural surroundings to create a 'scene'. Obviously these will not need one of our display cases. They are already protected, sealed within their own environment. The only disadvantages being you cannot inspect them so easily for insect damage and also you wont be able to see them as well as if they were uncased.

Uncased Taxidermy is supplied as is, with no surroundings, the owl in this photo was supplied with its perch and sturdy wooden base. These allow you to inspect them very closely, to appreciate the natural beauty, you can even touch and feel them. This means you can have a greater appreciation of the taxidermy animal/bird. The disadvantages of this are of course many.

If people aren't careful touching then physical damage will occur.
Over time the natural oils on people's skin will damage the animal/bird.
Dust will also land on it and the colours will appear faded.
Removing the dust can also cause physical damage.
The feathers or fur can be damaged by sunlight/UV light.
Moisture can also cause damage to the animal/bird.
Cigarette Smoke/Air Fresheners/ Hairspray/ Furniture Polish can all damage it.
Insects/moths could lay eggs in the feathers/fur and the larvae will attack your taxidermy animal/bird, you can read all about that here in more detail.

Every single problem listed above can be avoided by using one of our acrylic display cases, they block over 90% of UV light, 100% of dust and moisture and 100% of aerosol spray. They also deter inquisitive house guests from touching without your permission. The covers are easily removed for easily gaining access to your taxidermy piece. We make them to any size so you can be rest assured you will get the perfect fit.

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Custom Acrylic Display

Product name:Hot selling lipstick display holders
Material:3MM acrylic sheet


Product name:acrylic cosmetics display
Material:3MM+5MM acrylic sheet


Product name:acrylic e-cigarette display
Material:5MM acrylic sheet


Product name:acrylic brochures display
Material:5MM acrylic sheet


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